Friday, 27 April 2007

Leveling on Your Diet Programs

Life in the 21 st century means a lot of number to remember, what with Cell-Phone number, Bank Numbers and the like, but I'm going to give you the tools to find another number that is just as essential for your lifestyle. Remember these two basic principles when you do the diet your rate of weight loss is generally proportional to the amount of Carbohydrate you consume. The level of Carbohydrate you consume can be measured by attaching numerical quantities to the carbohydrate foods you're eating. You know how much you can safely eat.

Your daily threshold of Carbohydrate consumption is your critical carbohydrate level for losing (CCLL) stay below this number and you will experience ongoing weight loss. Go above it and your weight loss stalls. Here is how you'll determine your CCLL.

Each week you will increase the quantity of Carbohydrate you eat beyond the salad and one cup serving of vegetables allowed during this program. These increments should measure roughly 5 grams of daily Carbohydrate, representing one level during the first week of Owl. Increase your daily Carbohydrate intake from the 20 grams a day on induction to 25 grams a day.

I recommend you add either another salad, half an avocado, a cup of cauliflower or 6-8 stalks of Asparagus or another veggie. continues to eat this way for the rest of the week. As long as your weight loss continues steadily, you can go up another level 30 grams daily the following week. If you are vegetables lover, you may be happy continuing to add more salad greens and other vegetables. Or you may choose to add a half cup of cottage cheese, an oz of sun flower seeds, or a dozen macadamian nuts. If you have been feeling fruit deprived, now is the time to add berries, the fruit lowest on the Glycemic Index.

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