Thursday, 6 November 2008

Weight Loss Program Camp that fits your style

Many people have search for an effective weight loss program and indeed there are hundreds of do-it-yourself diet programs available out there. But most people failed to reach their own goal of the desired body mass index because of lack of discipline. If you feels cannot keep up your daily diet program on course but desperately need a weight reduction, then perhaps the weight loss camp will help you.

Here is the press release of Live in Fitness camp :

Liveinfitnesscamp is one of the places that can serve best to your needs of being fit and fine. It offers you some of the best lifestyle changing program and further it can help you to keep the same momentum going even after the weight loss.
Our weight loss programs are categorized in three levels viz:
I. Complete lifestyle change.
II. Extreme weight loss
III. Boot camp intensified.

The first level is meant for the beginners requiring a weight loss of 45- 200 pounds. This program would be suitable for people who can just walk. The program used to burn these excessive calories would be customized to your need and you would be given luxurious accommodations. Your exercise regime would comprise of biking, spinning, swimming, circuit training, and boot camp classes. In addition to the exercise regime you would also have classes with the maintenance nutritionist, motivational coaching. You can be completely assured as far as the results are concerned. It is hard to lose weight but with our professional and the highly experienced trainers and the commitment and the zeal to become fit would make things worthed.

Our second level weight loss program caters to the need of not merely weight loss but also an additional step the process of keeping you fit for the rest of your life also. This program encompasses classes that deal with the mental, emotional and the spiritual aspects so that people lose the excessive dependence on food. The additional programs in this level from the first level are posture analysis, massages, body fat testing which would enable us to assess the areas which have to be concentrated more. The complete lifestyle program lasts for 8 - 12 weeks.

The third level is an intensified training that helps you to trim down the last pounds of weight after which you can reach the highest levels of fitness. Liveinfitnesscamp is an ideal place where you can get into the apt shape you have desired in your dreams, with the renowned trainers, sophisticated and scientifically proven training methods. So join in the fitness programs and cherish your dream forever.

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