Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Easy diet tips for winter

Winter usually brought a bad mood because of cloudy days. The mood could affect your daily activity and diet program as well. Don't just fall into a negative side of your mood, stay alert and follow this easy tips to keep take advantage of winter for weight loss program.

The simple weight loss tips are not entirely related with meal or calorie intake, but it focused more on boosting your morale during winter hibernation time. Stephanie Yeh on Streetdirectories writes following tips for you:

WEAR RED: The color red is pure fire energy and it will literally melt fat. Add red to your wardrobe. For great weight loss while you sleep, wear red bicycle pants to bed (if you have weight around your belly and butt) or red pajamas. If you start to get too hot or a racing pulse, just wear red during the day.

: You can use your pendulum to get rid of fat by swinging it clockwise with the intention of removing the negative thought forms from your body that cause fat. Keep swinging until it stops.

Beforeyou put anything in your mouth, bless it. Thank the beings who have made your food possible, and ask that the food to be raised to its highest vibration. Ask that your body retain only what it necessary for you to stay at your ideal weight. You can even hire an angel to increase the power of your intention!

FIND OUT: Ask yourself what is causing you to hold onto your fat or gain weight. You might write “What am I holding onto that is causing weight gain?” with your dominant hand, and answer with your other hand. The answers are usually quite interesting. Once you address the issues at hand, you’ll have an easier time shedding weight.

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