Friday, 18 January 2008

Lose weight Quickly and Safely

Just a quick recall to re-boost your enthusiasm of getting your body slimmer but safer.

Remember about your promise to get your body weight down for special dinner? Time is closer now but you still have a couple of pounds excess fat under your skin. You obviously need an emergency diet program to slim your body -- and it must be fast.

First Step
Try drink diet approach from Jillian Michaels

Eat smaller meal portion each day. Start with reducing a quarter of your normal meal portion on the first day, then trim down to half of normal portion on the second day. Follow those half meal portion until the end of the week

Sleep earlier to reduce your night snack portion to zero.

Put away any carbs from your meal, change to fiber and protein rich meals

Stop alcohol and softdrink now. Water is a good replacement.

Eat more fruits

Cut your salt to half.

Small body works including weight lifting

Now just do all those steps daily, and on the end of the week you will be surprised with your results to reduce body weight quickly but safe

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